Construction and management of structures for cryo conservation and for the production of biopharmaceuticals

The SOL Group supplies biotechnological equipment and services for hospitals, clinics and laboratories (cryo banks, cell-factories, cryo-management, cryo-transport). With Biotechsol it is involved in the conservation of tissues and stem cells and the transport of biological tissue. With the recent acquisition of a majority stake in Diatheva, the SOL Group’s activity has been extended to pharmacological research and the delivery of pharmaceuticals.

The numbers

• 3 companies in Italy: BiotechSol, Cryolab and Diatheva
• 22 employees
more than 300 customers
one pharmaceutical workshop


Design, construction and management of bio banks, cell factories and centres for processing and conserving cells and tissue
Pre-and post-natal diagnostic services
Transport and biological sample conservation services for third parties. Production and sales of diagnostic systems and services
GMP production of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins
Scientific, pre-clinical and clinical research into new biological pharmaceuticals