Technical Gases

Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, CO₂, acetylene, N₂O, helium, gas mixtures, refrigerating gases, high purity and special gases. Plant and services

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The SOL Group began operating in the technical gases sector back in 1927.
The sector has a resilient and growing market, characterised by a limited dependence on economic cycles and with direct presence in local markets as a key element.

It has a broad variety of diversified end markets and applications:

metallurgy and the steel industry
glass, ceramics, fibres
engineering, automotive
treatment of gas, water and refuse
food and drinks
chemical industry, rubber, plastics
pharmaceutical industry
universities and research centres

The numbers

• 27 countries
1.457 employees
• more than 50,000 customers


Production and sale of industrial, medical, pure and high purity technical gases.
Design, manufacture and running of on-site gas production plant, storage and distribution plant, apparatus and plant for gas usage such as, for example, apparatus for cryogenic applications, freezing tunnels, oxygen burners, ozonisers, welding machines and apparatus.
Supply of services related to the usage of gases produced.

Gases produced and distributed

Oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, acetylene, nitrous oxide, gas mixtures, high purity gases, medical gases, food gases, gaseous helium, liquid helium, gas for electronics, ammonia and combustible gases for industrial use.